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AA Studio, Inc. is a California based corporation founded in 1992 in Los Angeles.  Comprised of a small group of artists and designers who have worked together for over two decades, AA Studio, Inc. provides design services for architects, interior designers and developers in the Hospitality and Design industry.


8 years ago we developed elegantly crafted sculptural wood lighting fixtures and pendants.


Our products are all handmade in Los Angeles, California using various types of wood, which are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.  All light sources from our products are UL certified.  Lead time for orders depends on quantity – six to ten weeks average.


Geometry and simplicity are major factors in our products.  Whether it is simple and subtle, to accent other bold items in your space, or if it is the focus of the room, our light fixtures will surely make a statement.





Hilton Hotels


Hyatt Regency Hotels


Lululemon – Canada


Sheraton Hotels


Marriott Hotels


Wynn Hotel / Casino


Disney Cruises

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